Beatniks, The

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Beatniks, The


English   Country: USA   Year: 1960

Beatniks, The


Paul Frees


Tony Travis




A young punk tries to eak away from his gang using his singing talent. Black & White.


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User Reviews


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Eddie Crane- Superstar... (rating=3)

Eddie Crane (Tony Travis) and his gang of punks are perfectly happy, robbing mom&pop stores and drinking their "gaswater" (aka: booze). One day, a man over-hears Eddie singing along to a record, and decides he just might be the next Fabian (much like Don Sullivan in THE GIANT GILA MONSTER). Well, things seem great for a while, as Eddie is whisked away to meet some big shots, gets a chance to croon on TV, and hooks up with his new agent's secretary, Helen (Joyce Terry), much to the dismay of Eddie's girlfriend, Iris (Karen Kadler). Meanwhile, Eddie's pal Mooney (Peter "The Crawling Hand" Breck) goes increasingly looney, in what may be the greatest single example of over-acting in cinema history! Still, he's a hoot to watch, and his dialogue is priceless! Mooney kills a bartender for no real reason (he's crazy doncha know?) and almost derails Eddie's shot at the big time. Will Eddie be able to ditch his "circle of fiends" in order to make it in the music biz? Will he find true love? Will someone please explain the title of this flick, since there's nary a sandle nor bongo drum in the whole thing?? Should've been called, "Hoodlums" or "Punks" or "How To Go From Being A Crook To Superstardom Without Really Trying!" I love these 50s delinquent movies! Crazy man, crazy! ...