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Great Guy


English   Country: USA   Year: 1936

Great Guy


John Blystone


James Cagney; Mae Clarke; James Burke


Film Noir


Cagney plays Johnny Cave, a retired boxer who becomes head of the Bureau of Weights and Measures. He quickly uncovers corruption and begins stepping on powerful toes. Black & White.


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User Reviews


(Average=3.00 out of 5; Total Number=2)

Silly Title, Fun Movie (rating=3)

(Please note that the DVD edition I am reviewing is the bare-bones Laserlight release that features the film and precious little else.)

GREAT GUY is a fun film. It's not especially complicated or insightful; it won't give you a new perception into the depths of the human experience. But for a film that barely lasts for over an hour, it's an entertaining chunk of action that's well worth viewing.

Since the running time of this film is only an hour and six minutes (the back of the DVD package incorrectly lists this as 75 minutes) one won't be surprised to find that this isn't a terribly demanding movie. But it's certainly engaging, and it's quite enjoyable to watch James Cagney as an official in the Office of Weights and Measures going around thumping people who don't perform up to their required specifications. The jokes all work and the action sequences are executed well.

The DVD isn't in great shape, though as this is a budget release one would suspect that this might be the case. The picture is a bit scratchy and there are numerous jumps and slight cuts in the action. The sound quality has similar flaws; several popping noises and other numerous audible distractions abound during the running of this DVD.

This is a fun film that's recommended to fans of James Cagney. It's a pleasant way to while away an hour of a Saturday afternoon if you find yourself with some time to kill. The Laserlight DVD itself contains a few flaws, so you may want to try to find a better version of the film.

Good Old School Movie. (rating=3)

This is the first James Cagney film I have ever really watched. I was never interested in his movies before because I figured I wouldn't like anything in that style of cinema and because I've heard most Cagney films are the same. I have to say I really liked it. By today's standards for movies, it was not special, but I found it surprisingly entertaining. Cagney did not have the look of a tough guy but he played the part very well.